Jonathon Noonan



Jonathon Noonan 10s Minisprint

Shibby Racing


Well our season has come to an end 😢
Time to strip the car down change a few things and get her already for next season. 🏎
We had an awesome season, driver and car were amazing considering it is only our 2nd year in the sport.
These are all our placings over the 2022-23 seasonfor the Minisprint class champs. 🏁🏁
NZ Champs: 4th (4NZ)
NZ Grand Prix: 9th
North Island Champs: 5th
Taranaki Champs: 5th
Waikato Champs: 6th
Manawatu Champs: 8th
Oval Superstars Tour (OST) 2nd Overall
Stratford Speedway Points For The Season: 3rd Overall.
A massive and huge thanks to all our supporters and sponsors over the season, you guys rock and we love having you all apart of the Shibby Team, and hope you are all keen to support and follow us next season too.